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Colour That Pretty Pout Of Yours!

Colour That Pretty Pout Of Yours!

There really isn’t anything a great lipstick can’t accomplish. Do you have a dreary day ahead of you? Swipe that crimson or vivid red lipstick. Not sure what’s lacking from a look you’d like to spruce up? Allow your best lipstick colours to save the day once more. Women have always been into putting colours on their lips. Earlier they incorporated natural ways such as using beetroot juice etc. But since the last decade Lipsticks came into being and they revolutionised the concept of adding colour to our face. For a long time, even before we were introduced to other beauty items, lipsticks were our best friends. It was one of the first products we picked from our mothers’ beauty box. Throughout our childhood, we were ready to take on the world, no matter what, with a few must-have lipstick colours.

It’s safe to say that our love for lipsticks has not changed with the passage of time. We all know that for every beauty buff lipstick is a part of their identity and it is that one thing that everyone definitely loves to collect. There are a variety of colours to pick from, from nudes to reds there’s a colour for everyone!

Although reds and nudes are the most common lipstick hues to go with every outfit, there are a few additional must-have lipstick shades to explore. These are available in a variety of colours and will offer more to your palette. Well, select your desired colour and hop on board. Today we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about the finest lipstick colour, as well as a few others. This helpful guide includes everything from fiery oranges to lovely and mauve pinks.

Hold up, what kind of lipstick are you after?

Lipstick Formulae To Look Out For

Must-have lipstick colours, on the other hand, might go wrong if the texture isn’t correct. It all relies on the type of lipsticks you choose. If your lips are dry, you may wish to use a hydrating formulation. Matte lipsticks are a good choice if your lips are sufficiently moisturised. Long-lasting lipsticks are now available in a variety of textures, which is great news for everyone. Nowadays, even matte lipsticks can have a creamy feel, and velvety lipsticks can have the richness of a lip balm while still lasting a long time.

It all boils down to personal preference. So, what should you seek for if all must-have lipsticks have such a great texture?

What’s our recommendation? Choose eco-friendly products that aren’t tested on animals and aren’t made up of hazardous chemicals. Lead used to be one of the key ingredients in long-lasting lipsticks. However, it was and continues to be one of the most dangerous. Lead not only darkens and pigments your lips, but it can also cause cancer.

Lipsticks are products that you may unintentionally intake with your daily food, Thus, it’s critical that you choose those that don’t include harmful substances. As a result, while picking lipstick, make sure your brand is chemical-free. We’re not talking about abandoning all science that supports cosmetics. Obviously, this isn’t feasible. Find a product that manages to achieve a good balance between nature and science.

So, let’s talk about certain must-have lipstick hues for your beauty arsenal.

Get On The Ride: Get These Lipstick Shades ASAP!

Do you sometimes buy certain lipstick shades that don’t quite look as beautiful as you expected? Well, hear us out. . Perhaps that lipstick shade isn’t for you. And maybe that exact tone isn’t right for you. However, there are several options. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

1. Your Beloved Everyday Nude

Nudes are our personal favourite. A great nude lipstick should complement your natural makeup while also enhancing it. Just like you try a foundation shade before buying it, you should always check which nude lipstick fits your skin tone. Whether you decide on a glossy or matte style, a great nude lipstick will make you attractive amazing. A bad one, on the other hand, might be either too gloomy and dull or too vibrant and wash you out. A deep nude shade is still fine, while a light one is just undesirable.

Thus, be cautious when choosing yours. Here are some pointers:

  1. Find your exact undertone. It could vary between cool, olive, warm or neutral
  2. Using a nude colour that is a shade warmer than your natural skin complexion is a good idea.
  3. If your lips are pigmented, you should choose a full-coverage nude lipstick.

After you’ve perfected the skill of finding the ideal nude, you can choose from a variety of choices. Go for the shade that makes your heart skip a beat. Pink and brown tones are the most trendy, but you may also explore orange and mauve tones, which are also quite popular.

2. Zing It With A Fiery Orange

Although nudes are gorgeous, have you ever attempted a zesty orange look? If you can find a tone that works well with your skin complexion, this will be one of your everyday lipstick choices. Orange lipsticks, when worn well, maybe the perfect lip partner for a daytime carefree style or an evening party look.

Orange nude lipstick is also a very cool option. Rather than the more common pink and brown tones, most orange nudes have peachy tones. Wear it with your beloved maxi dress and snappy high heels, and voila! You would be ready for a fun day out. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite orange hue and dab it!

3. Pink It Up

Pink is almost impossible to go wrong with. However, you must choose a pink lipstick that complements or even enhances your individuality. Whether it’s a deep pink, a crimson, or even a natural pink lipstick, this is one of the most powerful shades that can brighten up your face, no matter how drab the rest of your outfit looks. Pink lipstick has the potential to change your whole look!

You will have to accurately assess your undertone if you want the ideal pink lipstick. It’s crucial to know if your undertone is warm, cool or neutral especially if you’re opting for natural pink lipstick, i.e. a nude lipstick with pink tones. Nailing your undertone will assist you in selecting a pink colour that complements your skin tone.

Also, decide on a texture that you wish to use. Ascertain if you like a matte or a velvety texture. You can choose from a variety of natural pink shades and can even explore hot pink lipstick colours. So whatever pink you select, it will surely end up being your everyday shade.

#4 The Ever-Red

Red is a timeless favourite that can instantly boost your confidence. Choosing the perfect textured red lipstick, whether you prefer a silky or glossy touch or a smooth and weightless kind, can enhance your image. Have you run out of time to style your hair? Simply tie your hair in a high bun, keep your face tidy, and swipe your lips red in a swift swipe. There’s no denying that red is a regal hue.

You may be misled if you believe there is just one kind of red. Red, like your beloved nude lipstick, comes in a variety of tones. There is a broad range of red lipsticks to pick from, whether you want a cherry red shade or even plum colored shade, there’s something for everyone. If you want a slight tinge of red, but not a burst of it, you can go for a muted red tone or you can go easy on the application as well. You can control it as per your wish!

#5 Go Classy & Sassy With Brown

Who says this is a colour that can only be worn by ladies in their forties and fifties? Brown is a lovely classic tone that can be worn with a lot of confidence while still radiating a touch of flair. Brown lipsticks are sophisticated, to sum it up, and very evocative of famous Hollywood stars. To create a nude lip colour, the intensity can be moved up and down. It is entirely up to you how you want to carry it out.

When it comes to brown shades, there are a variety of options to select from. You can choose from a soft nude brown, a golden brown lipstick, the most famous chocolate brown lipstick, and even a deep brown lipstick.

You’re not going to have just one lipstick in your beauty bag. If you really must, assemble a collection of must-have lipstick shades. Also, be sure to include at least two colours of varying intensities, ranging from reds and pinks to browns and nudes, as well as peaches. This will ensure that your lips are nourished as well as pigmented every time you apply your favourite shade.

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