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Get That Polished Look With Some Quick Tips

Do you wake up every morning with a desire to strut your beauty in front of the mirror? As opposed to what social media conveys, flawless skin is a hoax. But, we all have always been aware of that, haven’t we? You can’t always have airbrushed flawless skin 24/7, however, with the appropriate diet and cosmetics, you can achieve lovely skin. Makeup plays a significant part in making yourself feel confident!

The majority of cosmetics products on the market contain dangerous and poisonous ingredients. Even a nasty eyeliner may give you an unpleasant glare for a whole week, no matter minimalistic you are when it comes to makeup! Do you really want that? That’s why we recommend using clean organic products which are curated with the simplest of ingredients that ensure a safe way for you to indulge in makeup.

Today we’ll show you how to adopt some make-up tricks to get glowing skin in a jiffy, using products that care for your skin as well as make your beauty pop. And besides, going around with everyday makeup can be a great deal of fun. These are only a few easy ideas and tactics that can completely transform your make-up game. Let’s get this crazy ride started.

Who says swift makeup has to be rushed and amateurish? You can achieve a full-proof professional look if you understand how to utilise your cosmetics correctly. This is why we’ve compiled a list of make-up tricks to make your everyday makeup routine a delight.

1. Get Them Nails Done!

We all like putting on a base coat on our nails. However, are you aware that poor base colour might destroy the look of your nail polish? A clear base coat definitely has the ability to do so. Thus, switch your base with white nail polish and let your nails spring to life like never before.

2. Don’t Miss A Spot

Alright, this is a fantastic makeup trick. We frequently put on makeup in a rush before leaving for work, and as a result, we often miss some blemishes that are not apparent inside our room. You should always check your makeup in direct sunshine. This is one of the top make-up tricks to see whether you’ve skipped any blending or even if you’ve missed a blemish.

3. Who Doesn’t Love Defined Eyes?

Everybody idolises beautiful, sharp eyes, not everybody is born with them. In a sea of unrealistic make-up tricks, we can teach you precisely the proper way to make your eyes appear larger. In the inner corners and on the waterline of your eyes, use white or beige eyeliner. Apply two layers of mascara, starting from the centre and working outwards. Doing so will make your eyes appear sharp and defined.

5. Wing It With A Spoon

Spooning is a relaxing experience- well, thats a universal truth. However, it’s also fantastic as a make-up trick. Let us show you how you can make the ideal wing with the use of a spoon, without making a single mistake. It may seem impossible, yet it is possible.
Simply position the handle of a spoon near to your eyelid in the shape of the desired wing. Make a line with your eyeliner, using the spoon handle as a ruler. Now, take the spoon’s front end and position it over that line, leaving some space, draw a second line. Because of the spoon’s curvature, you’ll see that both lines meet at the edge. Fill in the gap and bring the wing inwards.

Be Zoom Ready With A Two Minute Makeup Hack

Ladies, have faith in us. All of these hacks take less than two minutes to complete. Considering that we all work from home and are usually rushing through meetings and work schedule, there are instances when we are working in our jammies. What should we do to prepare for a special meeting? Using these make-up hacks is a great way to save time on make-up. We’ve got a couple more for your everyday makeup look.

6. Keep Your Mascara Wand By Your Side

Your mascara is a special wand. While the compositions vary across different mascaras, the mascara wand may make a significant impact in how your eye makeup appears. Thus, once your mascara is finished, toss away the bottle but save the mascara wand. Combine it with another mascara of your choice.

7. Smokey Eye In A Jiffy

Only two things are needed for this look: a black eyeliner or black kohl pencil and a brown one. Make a dark to light appearance by drawing a ‘’>” sign on the outer corner of your eyelid and swiftly blend it. To add a little more definition to the outer border, use a black eyeliner or kajal and blend. Next line your eyes with the same kajal. Finally, apply your mascara and you’ve completed the task!

8. All In For Eyeshadow Sticks

Glow Sticks have replaced huge eyeshadow palettes. These little beauties are versatile and can be used as both eyeshadow and highlighters if you pick the proper colours. Simply swipe it on, then finish with eyeliner and mascara to complete a 10 minute eye makeup look within 2 minutes. Isn’t it great for a lady who is always on the move, but doesn’t want to forgo her polished look?

Some More Tips & Tricks To Avoid Beauty Goofups

While the above mentioned hacks can surely help you improve your makeup skills, there are a few blunders to avoid. Let us summarise them for you.

  1. Don’t ever use makeup on bare, dry skin. To ensure a flawless look, always cleanse, tone, hydrate, and prepare your skin to absorb the makeup in the right way.
  2. If you don’t use the proper lighting when applying makeup, you risk underapplying or overapplying your base which can give you a patchy look.
  3. Make sure your brows aren’t drawn in too much. Rather than looking like a beauty, you may wind up looking like a devil. Simply fill in the gaps and blend across the brow. Simple is best in this case.
  4. Pick the correct shade of concealer and colour corrector for the job. Assess your concern and then choose between a regular concealer and a peach or yellow colour corrector.
  5. Don’t use bronzer all over your face! It’s only for contouring, that’s all. So stick to the edges of your face.

When you follow all of these steps, you can be assured that your everyday makeup ritual will be a breeze.

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