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Go for a bold & sparkly look this Autumn

Go for a bold & sparkly look this Autumn

This Autumn, beauty trends have been set by top celebrities all across the globe and it is predicted that these trends would be widely used by everyone. We are here to help you stay up to date with the latest trends you can follow and include in your makeup routine.

  1. Bold Lipliner — Lip liners help define the lips and make your lips look pouty and symmetrical. This season, exaggerated application of lip liner is dominating every makeup look. A simple and quickstep, choose a lip liner that is one shade darker than your lipstick to add that zing.
  2. Shimmery Eyeshadow — Though shimmery eyeshadows were replaced by matte eyeshadows a few years back, they are back in the game now. Metallic eyeshadows are extremely dynamic and can glam up a look with a single stroke. Go metallic for your eyes!
  3. Vibrant Eyeliners — Have you always wanted to try an eyeliner shade other than black? Well, this autumn is your chance to go crazy with colors. You can find eyeliners in various vibrant shades such as orange, electric blue, green etc. This dash of color can add the oomph factor to your eye makeup.
  4. Blush — Not sure about harsh contour lines? Use a blush instead of a bronzer to make your cheekbones pop! This method is known as draping. Draping requires you to carry out contour strokes with a blusher instead of a bronzer/contour stick. This gives a natural edge to your face cut.
  5. Brow Soap — Make your eyebrows stand out and look ravishing by using brow soap. Brow soaps make your eyebrows look thick and fluffy and are extremely easy to apply. This trend has been dominating the fashion scene and is predicted to be on trend this Autumn season as well.

Use these exciting makeup trends this Autumn and stay on top of your makeup game!