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Here's what your hair is trying to tell you...

Here's what your hair is trying to tell you...

Do you listen to what your hair tells you? If not, then this blog is for you!

The winter season is finally here! And of-course, we love it! *Shivers*

Oooh the snow, the food, the vibes around this season… it’s all just magical, isn’t it?

Now, talking about Business, do you pay any special or extra attention to your hair in this weather or are you one of the “different seasons, same routine” kinda person?

It may not seem important to pay any different attention to hair during winters, but turns out, it as important as “Dal Makhni” in Indian weddings!

As always, we come prepared with reasons ;) In winters, our scalp turns dry, so it becomes very necessary to make sure you clean and hydrate it properly, to maintain the texture and health of those luscious locks of yours!

The Same Old Battle of Hot and Cold

Every single person has looked for solutions to maintain their hair health in winters and one half of the internet suggests to use hot water, while the other half swears against it!

Surprisingly, both temperatures have their pros and cons. While Hot water opens pores for deep cleansing, it makes hair frizzy. And on the other hand, cold water seals in the moisture, but it reduces hair volume.

So what temperature should be kept for hair washes?

The answer to this is…Both!

Start of by washing your hair with lukewarm water for deep cleaning and end it with conditioner rinsed off with cold water to lock in moisture. Simple, right?

Protect your Hair from Heat Damage

Always use a heat protecting spray on your hair before styling it. Be it straightening or curling, the hair is prone to damage from the heat emitted from these appliances and hence needs to be protected from the damage.

Look out of Hydrating Conditioners

The cold weather makes the hair soft and brittle, making it prone to split ends and breakage. Therefore, it is advisable to look for oil-based conditioners to make up for the moisture stolen by the winter just like Christmas stolen by The Grinch!

Unleash your inner beauty Guru

It has been said time and again that tight ponytails or braids are torture on your hair. Being pulled for long durations leads to weakening and breakage of hair. Which is why, try letting your hair down more often and experiment with new styles which are easy, both for you and your hair ;)

The winter season is all about merriment and celebrations. Don’t let troubles regarding your hair come in the way of your joy, step up and take care of them right away!

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