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It’s about time we replace our Shampoo bottles with Shampoo Bars

It’s about time we replace our Shampoo bottles with Shampoo Bars

Have you ever wondered about the plastic waste that is generated from bathroom products? You would be surprised to know that shampoo bottles contribute the most to the waste generated. An average household uses 10 bottles of shampoo in a year and only a fraction of these bottles are recycled. Plastic shampoo containers are a serious contributor to many households’ annual plastic waste.

In order to tackle this global problem, various FMCG brands have introduced an alternative to shampoo bottles in the form of shampoo bars. Shampoo bars don't require plastic packaging which serves as an environmental perk. Saponified shampoo bars are 100% biodegradable and are made with unrefined ingredients found in nature.

Shampoo bars are gentle on the hair and ensure that they protect the hair’s natural oil. These bars are highly concentrated and a little amount goes a long way hence, they also help conserving water. Shampoo bars are also famous for being travel friendly. Their small size and solid physical state make it convenient and handy for all kinds of travel plans. According to various sources of research, shampoo bars definitely cause less carbon footprint.

Switching over to shampoo bars is one of the most efficient ways to support sustainability. Here at Femica, our sole aim is to promote conscious living. Our exclusive army of brand ambassadors has joined the movement to create the much-needed change by undertaking the initiative to create awareness and switching over to more sustainable choices.