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Let's Decipher Face Cleansers

Let's Decipher Face Cleansers

Cleansers are our bestfriends for life. Cleansing our face is the first step of any skincare regime and helps us to prep our skin by removing all impurities, dirt, and oil that may be present on our skin. Back in the day, people used to apply raw milk for cleansing and toning their skin, but now the market has evolved and it now provides more efficient face cleansers which are suitable for different kinds of skin types.

Nothing feels better than washing your face at the end of a hard day. The skin can breathe, mend, and rejuvenate itself by removing all traces of grime, sweat, and makeup. Having a flawless surface also aids other skincare products in penetrating deeper into your skin and performing their functions more effectively. It’s essential to nail this step before moving on to serums and anti-aging creams as the initial step in your skincare routine.

Lately, the trend of double cleansing has emerged and has hit the right chord with beauty buffs. It's the latest fad amongst the skincare community and we all approve of it. As the name suggests, double cleansing is a two-step process of giving your face a clean and fresh finishing touch.

Before we all got into makeup, cleansing was just about removing dirt caused by sweating and other environmental pollutants, but now our cleansing process must prioritize removing makeup from our skin to allow our face cleansers to reach deep into our skin pores.

With the festive season around the corner, we would be wearing makeup almost every day to look our best at all the functions and events. Most of the cosmetic products we use are waterproof and hence, the first step is to remove the makeup with an oil-based cleanser. Once the makeup is completely removed, we can follow it up with our regular cleanser which would clean our skin cells from deep within. Following a double cleansing method helps us avoid acne breakouts and other skin conditions.

Let’s have a look at the different cleansers and see which one is best for your skin type and skincare requirements. —

Gel well with Gel Cleansers

  • Best suited for Acne-prone and Oily skin

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the finest face cleanser for oily skin. Gel cleansers are ideal for oily skin since they are mild but effective at unclogging blocked pores. Gel cleansers, as the name implies, have a gel-like consistency and are renowned for their thorough cleaning abilities. Though it does not produce the added foam that we are familiar with, its efficiency as a cleanser outweighs any other concerns one could have.

Lets Foam It Up — Foam cleansers

  • Beat Suited for: combination and oily skin

If you enjoy the bubbly sensation of frothy foam on your skin, you’ll love foam cleansers. They are extremely efficient in removing impurities, makeup, and pollutants from the skin, leaving it tight after each application.
Foam cleansers leave your skin feeling cleaner and clearer and fresh after each wash. However, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is the source of the foam, which is a skin-drying abrasive that can make your skin dry and flaky. Thus, it is important to go for an SLS-free foam cleanser.

Go Smooth with Cream cleansers

  • Best Suited: Sensitive and dry/flaky skin

Cream cleansers are a hit amongst people with dry skin. Cream cleansers are a must-have for sensitive and dry skin since they moisturize the skin while purifying it. Your skin will feel softer and smoother after using a cream cleanser. Cream cleansers, on the other hand, are ineffective at eliminating all of the makeup and pollutants that your skin acquires. Instead, in your double cleansing process, you can apply cream cleansers as the second step.
After removing makeup with a makeup remover or micellar water, follow up with a calming cream cleanser for an additional cleanse and conditioning.

Ease it out stress with Clay cleanser

  • Best Suited for: Sensitive, oily, and combination skin.

Non—greasy clay cleansers are professional exfoliators that thoroughly cleanse our pores and absorb all pollutants, grime, and excess oil.
They are, however, unable to remove makeup. When using clay cleansers, it’s better to perform a double cleanse.

Glide like Oil cleansers

  • Best Suited for Dry, normal, and combination skin.

Although it may seem counterproductive to apply more oil on oily skin, oil cleansers have an oil foundation to assist remove dirt from the face without breaking the skin barrier. To balance the skin, the oil from your skin works together with the cleanser. A gentle approach to cleanse pore-clogging impurities, including waterproof makeup, without stripping the natural oils from your skin. Oil cleansers are popular because of their exceptional ability to remove all layers of makeup from your skin while being gentle on your skin.

Your cleanser can make or break your entire skincare regime thus, using the right type of cleanser for your skin type and different occasions is a must to maintain flawless skin. Skin is the essence of our beauty, so ladies, let us learn how to be our skincare expert.

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