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Ways to go green in the area of menstrual hygiene

Ways to go green in the area of menstrual hygiene

For many decades women did not have the option of making sustainable choices when it came to maintaining menstrual hygiene. However, over the last few years, various eco-friendly period products have emerged in the market and have provided a revolutionary solution to help us preserve the environment.

One such product is organic sanitary pads. These pads have gained immense popularity as they are made with natural ingredients such as 100% organic cotton, bamboo fibre etc that is not only kind to the skin but also kind to nature. Unlike the regular pads which take hundreds of years to decompose, these pads are biodegradable and do not add to plastic waste and pollution. Millions of women across the world are switching over to organic pads in an attempt to develop a sustainable environment.

The menstrual cup is another innovative product that is aimed towards reducing plastic waste and propagate a clean environment. A single menstrual cup lasts for around 5 years and requires very basic maintenance. A menstrual cup is a pocket-friendly option as it involves a one-time investment. Though it takes time to get used to them, menstrual cups are available in a variety of sizes thus, making it convenient for every woman to find their perfect fit.

Both menstrual cups, as well as organic sanitary pads, are a boon for all the women out there. These products maintain the pH balance of the vagina and provide the utmost comfort to the surrounding skin hence, preventing bacterial infections and rashes. Undoubtedly, moving to organic menstrual products is the wiser choice that each woman should opt for that not only proves to be advantageous to the body but also to the environment.

So let's be bold enough and become a part of this movement that prioritises comfort and sustainability and encourage more women to join the same.