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Ageless Elixir AM & PM Combo  30ml

Ageless Elixir AM & PM Combo 30ml

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Product Description: *Day Elixir:* From the moment we wake up, we expose our skin to stressors like IR, blue light, UV, pollution, etc. The day cream is formulated to protect our skin barrier and maintain a balanced microbiome to get an ageless look. KWEH's versatile formula acts as your serum, moisturizer, sun protect and age protect essence. This fast absorbing day cream protects your skin from indoor and outdoor stressors, boosts hydration and retains moisture for a supple and youthful look.

Night Elixir: *The skin, just like us, restores and rejuvenates during the night. This time is mostly allocated to skin cell renewal and repair. This fast absorbing night cream is formulated to build collagen, elastin and deeply hydrate to minimize wrinkles and tighten facial contours. It is designed to maintain a balanced microbiome for an ageless look, as you sleep. KWEH's versatile formula acts as your serum, moisturizer and age protect essence. Wake up to skin so smooth and relaxed, your days will now be stress free, just like your skin.

How to Use: After cleansing, take two to three pumps and massage gently on face and neck using upward strokes. To be used daily.

Benefits: AM Elixir: Protection from free radical damage,
Balanced microbiome,
IR, UV Blue Light protection,
Prevents signs of photo ageing,
Skin barrier re enforcement, Reduced wrinkle depth and fine lines."

PM Elixir: Intense and long term moisturization,
Elastin and collagen production to minimize fine lines,
Balanced microbiome,
Tightens facial contours,
Prevents nutritional deficiencies,
Skin renewal acceleration,
Age spot reduction,
Repair and re vitalizing effect.

Ingredient: AM Elixir: Lingonberry Stem Cell, Marine Algal Prebiotics, Purple Laver, Broomrape,
Marigold Extract,
Carrot Oil,
Brown Algae
Olive squalane,
Hyaluronic Acid,
Vitamin E.
PM Elixir: Goji Berry Stem Cells, Marine Algal Prebiotics, MG6P,
Red Sea Weed,
Vegetal Retinol Alternative, Essential Trace Elements,
Rice Di and Tri Peptides, Gotu Kola, Coenzyme Q10, Brown Algae,
Olive squalane,
Hyaluronic acid,
Vitamin E,
Bladder wrack.

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Country of Origin: India

Brand: KWEH


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