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Pure Rose Water  100ml   100g

Pure Rose Water 100ml 100g

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Product Description : #FromSoilToSoul® Take a trip down Ancient Middle East as we bring you the Finest Rose Water made from fresh Steam Distilled petals of the highest quality Damask Roses. Indulge in the Therapeutic effects of this Pure Skin Elixir and watch it tone, hydrate and revitalize your skin, whilst maintaining the excess oil and pH balance, making your skin feel calm and refreshed.

How our Rose Water is made:
We make Rose Water by steam distilling thousands of kilograms of Organic Handpicked Damask Rose Petals. Damask Rose is seen as a symbol of happiness, beauty, and love. With our very own Damask Rose Water, we hope to give you skin that is hydrated, moisturised, and revitalised as if touched by a Goddess’s hand herself.
Our Handpicked Damask Rose blooms have been cultivated in temperatures as low as 0°C and 5°C, for about 15 days to enhance the quality of the bloom so that they possess properties that will help cleanse pores, tone skin as well as strengthen cells and regenerate skin tissues. Come get lost in the ethereal natural fragrance of this skin elixir.
Make an Informed Choice:
Popularly available Rose water is just water mixed with cheap synthetic chemicals & artificial fragrance. Myra Veda, on the other hand, uses low heat single steam distillation of Rosa Damascena petals so that the essential oils remain intact for maximum aromatherapy benefits to you.
Unlike commercially and popularly available Rose Water that is just water mixed with synthetic chemicals like Propylene Glycol, Preservatives and Artificial Rose Fragrance, our Rose Water is made without any chemical additives or preservatives. Pure Rose Water contains a naturally occurring chemical compound that preserves itself against microbial activity, which is why it contains no added preservatives.

What makes Myra Veda’s Hydrosols different from the rest?
Hydrosols, also popularly known as Botanical/Floral Waters or Mists, are water based products made from the steam distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, roots and other plant materials. They’re merely a by product of the essential oil manufacturing process and can share many of the same therapeutic properties as essential oils. The difference is that hydrosols are mostly water. This means they’re much less concentrated than essential oils.

When steam distillation is performed at a high temperature, the essential oil is separated from the hydrosol. To get the most yield of essential oils, double triple distillation on extremely high temperatures is a common practice which leaves the hydrosols as mild aromatic waters without any benefits. Brands commonly sell these mere by product hydrosols for profit even though they have no therapeutic value left. It is also a common industry practice to add synthetic fragrances and solubilizers in water and sell them as hydrosols.

However, Myra Veda’s hydrosols are different because we use a special low heat technique to only distill the organic plant material one single time. At such low temperatures, the highly volatile essential oils don't separate from the hydrosols, thereby ensuring that all our hydrosols contain ALL the extremely beneficial therapeutic properties of 100% natural essential oils.
Despite being potent, they're completely safe to use directly on your skin & scalp.
Our hydrosols are 100% Natural, Pure, Residue Free, Therapeutic & Edible Grade.

How to use : Spray directly on skin or scalp. Either let it dry on its own, or top it up with the next product for maximum skin hydration, while it is still wet. Safe for use in eyes & mouth.
Rose Water pairs beautifully with our range of Organic Clays and Gels for your DIY beauty regimes.

Benefits of using this product : 100% Natural & Preservative Free
Tightens pores
Soothes skin
Prevents signs of ageing
Maintains skin pH balance acts as a natural toner
Regenerates collagen production
Controls excess oil

Product Ingredient : 100% Pure, Steam Distilled Damask Rose Water

Country of Origin : India

Brand Name : Myra Veda


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